Al Vaporetto


Al Vaporetto is right next door to Antonucci cafe.
It serves as a more intimate space for clients, making it perfect for private parties or dinners. It has exactly the same menu as Antonucci Cafe, serving as a charming extension to the restaurant. 
Our wide selection of wines comes from all over Italy, as well as a few other areas in the world. Most notably, we serve White Wines, Red Wines, Champagne, Brut and Sparkling.
Our Whites come from Central, Southern & the Islands of Italy, as well as from Napa Valley & Austria.
Our Reds are selected from North / Central Italy regions, Veneto, Piemonte, Toscana, Southern Italy, the Islands, as well as Napa Valley and New Zealand.
(we are open for dinner beginning 5 pm at Al Vaporetto -
please call
 +1-212-570-5100 to make a reservation at Al Vaporetto).